Raising Cane’s Owner Buying Lottery Ticket for All 50K Employees


The owner of Raising Cane’s is buying a lottery ticket for every single employee – a bonus which is to be split by everyone if one of the tickets ends up winning.

The owner of the fast food chain, Todd Graves, has pledged to spend about $100k on the Mega Millions lottery. He will buy a $2 ticket for every single one of his employees…that’s 50,000 people.

The Mega Millions prize is at $810 million, according to TMZ – the fourth biggest prize ever.

Watch below:

Once you account for taxes and everything else, the 50k employees would each get around $10k-$20k each.

During an interview with WVUE, the owner said his team always stand together and he want to reward them and bring in some fun to the company – and hopefully some cash as well.

The Mega Millions jackpot was at $20 million in April but as no one has yet claimed the prize money, the amount has continued to grow and grow and will keep getting larger until one lucky winner gets the correct numbers!

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