Rampaging Youths Ransack Philadelphia Wawa, Vandalize and Lose Control


A group of rampaging youths destroyed a Philadelphia Wawa convenience store in a video that has gained over 230,000 views online.

In the clip, you can see the young people being rowdy, shouting, screaming, throwing food across the store, twerking on a counter and just generally causing chaos.

The employee who filmed the video can be heard saying:

“You’re all stupid,”

“For real. You’re all stupid, ugly, broke.”

The group of about 100 people ransacked the 7001 Roosevelt Blvd store at around 8.20pm yesterday.

A video of the aftermath has also surfaced, showing the extent of the vandalism done to the store.

Watch below:

In the clip, the floor is covered in trash, liquid and items that have been pulled off the shelves. The vandals stole products, broke shelves and damaged property in the store.

The police were called to the store and managed to disperse the crowd but no arrests were made.

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