Restaurant Apologizes for ‘Offensive’ 9/11 Themed Menu


A restaurant  in Virginia has had to apologize after releasing an ‘offensive’ menu that was themed around the horrendous terrorist attack on 9/11.

The Clubhouse at Aquia Harbour is described as providing ‘American-casual’ style food with a hint of Italian added in.

However, the restaurant made the decision to re-name some dishes and drink options on the menu in memory of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Such items were available such as ‘Remember-tini’, ‘Flight 93 Redirect’ and ‘Pentagon Pie’.

As well as ‘First Responder Flatbread’, ‘9-11 Oysters’ and the ‘Never Forget Sampler’.

The online release of the special menu was met with serious backlash, with one reviewer claiming it was a ‘sick joke’ assuming that it was in fact made up and not a real menu.

Other people responded with such reviews as:

“This can’t be real,”

“Can’t be. Please tell me this is not real.”

 “Who in their right mind would think this is okay?”

George White, the manager of the business, was quick to offer his apologies to “those [he] offended”. Noting that it was his intent to bring attention to the day.

This Sunday will be the 21st anniversary of the horrendous tragedy.

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