Restaurant Slams Vegan Customers After Backlash Over New Menu


    A restaurant has hit back at vegan customers following backlash over their new menu.

    The Kitchen at London House on Isle of Wight has received some backlash over their new menu and the lack of vegan options. There are no main course meals that would be suitable for vegan customers.

    The business decided to go on social media to defend itself against the ‘nasty’ comments from vegans who were not happy about the lack of options.

    They wrote:

    ‘If you want vegan food, go to a vegan restaurant’.

    They claimed they used to serve some options suitable for vegan customers, but that the removed them due to ‘militant minority’.

    This, of course, was not taken well by the local vegan community.

    In response to the animal-product heavy menu, some users commented:

    ‘No vegan mains!!’

    ‘sad menu’

    ‘It’s a short-sighted policy. I’m a vegan and this restaurant would miss out on any group booking in which I was involved. It won’t just discourage individual vegans but their loyal family and friends. Presumably it’s also too much trouble for them to be diligent about allergies. Not a good place to dine.’

    To which the business responded:


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