‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Singer Oliver Anthony Cancels Show Due to High Ticket Prices

Singer Oliver Anthony, known for his hit song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond,’ has taken a stand against high ticket prices by canceling an upcoming show in Tennessee.
Anthony expressed his frustration on Facebook, explaining that he was not directly involved in the ticket pricing process and delegated the responsibility to others. He acknowledged that the prices for his show at the Cotton Eyed Joe club in Knoxville were unreasonably high and took responsibility for the situation.

Anthony’s decision to cancel the show was motivated by his desire to ensure that his fans could attend his performances without being burdened by exorbitant ticket prices. He expressed his commitment to finding an alternative venue in the Knoxville area that would offer $25 tickets and free meet-and-greets.

In a post, Anthony urged his fans not to pay $90 for a ticket or $200 for a meet-and-greet, emphasizing that such high prices should not be associated with his shows. While he mentioned his disappointment with the ticket prices at Cotton Eyed Joe, he clarified that he did not blame the venue for the misunderstanding.

Anthony revealed that he personally spoke with Cotton Eyed Joe about not charging extra for meet-and-greets, and he felt deceived when he saw the high prices. He acknowledged that the ultimate responsibility for the situation rested with him and expressed a desire to become more involved in the booking process or seek professional consultation.

To rectify the situation, Anthony, along with Joey Davis, is working on a business model that will ensure affordable ticket prices, with a maximum of $25, and free meet-and-greets for his fans. While negotiations with Cotton Eyed Joe initially appeared promising, the misunderstanding about ticket prices led to the show’s cancellation.

Cotton Eyed Joe’s owner, Charles Ward, explained that they had discussed pricing and signed a contract. However, when ticket sales began, there was a significant demand, and ticket prices were set to ensure they could break even on a specific number of tickets, around 1,200-1,300. Ward expressed concern about the risk associated with accommodating a larger audience.

Ward suggested that communication and negotiation would have been more effective than addressing the issue on social media, emphasizing that the contract had been clear. Anthony’s decision to cancel the show highlighted the challenges associated with ticket pricing and the importance of transparent communication in the entertainment industry.

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