Ryan Reynolds Changes Twitter Bio after Tj Miller Claimed it Proved He’s Fake


Ryan Reynolds no longer has the Twitter bio that actor TJ Miller claimed proves he is fake.

The comedian was discussing his relationship with the actor after they worked together on the hit movie Deadpool while on the Adam Carolla Show podcast.

He specifically mentioned one ‘horrifically mean’ encounter where Reynolds allegedly  spoke down to him in character.

Miller claims that Reynolds, as Deadpool spoke to him as his character Weasel:

“You know what’s great about you Weasel? You’re not the star. But you just, you know, you do just enough exposition that it’s funny. And then we can leave and get back to the real movie.”

Miller claimed that the alleged attack was unprovoked but added that “maybe he’s an insecure dude” and that he spoke down to him because Weasel was getting more jokes in the film that Deadpool.

Miller continued:

“He’s really nice, but, I mean, his Twitter bio is ‘Showing you the parts of me that tested best in focus groups,’ and I am not sure he’s joking.

“I think that might be his real sentiment … I can’t really begin to make sense of it.”

Reynolds' old Twitter bio referred to focus groups. Credit: @VancityReynolds/Twitter

His bio now reads:

“owner: @aviationgin – @MintMobile – @maximumeffort – @Wrexham_AFC.”


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