Ryanair, EasyJet and BA Warning to Anyone Boarding with a Certain Bag

    EasyJet A319 HB-JZG

    Ryanair, EasyJet and BA have all issued a warning to anyone boarding a flight with a certain type of bag.

    Journalist and author Pandora Sykes claims she was not allowed to board her flight because she had the wrong type of bag.

    She tweeted:

    ‘Beware anyone being so foolish to fly Easyjet – captain just refused to let us board our flights because our checked-in suitcases have USB ports (aka “smart bags”). Easyjet quietly changed their Ts&Cs a few weeks ago without telling their customers’

    See below:

    After a few people asked if she simply had not checked the website she added:

    “No we didn’t realise they had changed their conditions (we’ve flown lots with these bags before).

    “It just would have been decent to have a reminder at check in on the screen, or even get called before we get to the gate so we can remove it and still catch our flight!”

    Something to bear in mind!

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