Sacha Baron Cohen Defeats $95 Million Defamation Case over ‘Paedophile Detector’


Sacha Baron Cohen has won a legal battle against former US Supreme Court of Alabama Justice, Roy Moore.

The Borat star ‘scanned’ him with what he called a ‘Paedophile Detector’ – a device that looked similar to a metal detector.

Moore launched a $95 million defamation suit against the 50-year-old after he appeared on his TV show Who Is America? back in 2018.

The Republican Senate candidate thought he was on the show to accept an award for supporting Israel.

Cohen appeared as his character Erran Morad to interview Moore and show off Israel’s ‘technological advances’.

Cohen said:

“It turns out sex offenders and particularly paedophiles secrete van enzyme 4D DHT, which is actually detectable,”

“It’s three times the level of non-perverts.”

Watch the episode below:

The Washington Post reported that in 2017, Moore had multiple women accuse of him sexual assault. The victims were teens at the time and Moore was in his 30s.

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