Salma Hayek Refuses to Stop Posting Bikini Pictures


Salma Hayek says she has “no shame” in posting bikini pics online and has no plans to stop.

The 54-year-old has been posting bikini pics from her recent vacation and she told Entertainment Tonight that she finds it “liberating” and has no plans to stop.

The actress said:

“I’m glad I took a lot of pictures, I have no shame on it, because it was the first week of the vacation,”

She told the publication:
“I saved my pictures; I’m not in the same condition today, and I’m spreading the love out like every two weeks,”
“I’m going to put up another one. I’m almost running out of them, but I don’t know if you have that feeling, like, 2021!”
“People are sick of it, but I’m going to let them take a break,”  “They’re going to think I’m wearing a bikini every day. No, they’re all from the same location.”
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