Sam Smith Breaks Down in Tears on Stage as they Reflect on ‘Challenging Moments’


Sam Smith, the renowned singer behind hits like “Unholy” and “I’m Not The Only One,” had a touching moment on stage recently when they became visibly emotional while reflecting on their past struggles and the immense support they’ve received from their fans.

Despite their global success and fame, Smith has faced their share of controversy and criticism over the past year. Their performance at the Grammys was met with backlash for being perceived as “satanic,” and their outfit choice at the Brit Awards also drew criticism. However, amidst the ups and downs, Smith’s devoted fan base has remained steadfast.

During a performance at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada, Smith took a pause in their set to connect with the love and appreciation pouring in from their audience. The moment was captured in a video shared on Smith’s Instagram. In the video, Smith can be seen absorbing the applause and cheers from the crowd.

However, the emotions of the moment soon overwhelmed Smith, and tears started to flow. They were visibly moved, wiping tears from their face and holding their emotions in check.

Alongside the video, Smith penned a heartfelt caption expressing gratitude to their fans and explaining their personal connection to the Bell Centre. The caption reads:

“Dear Montréal,

When I was in my early teens, a DVD of Rihanna’s Girl Gone Bad Tour came out and the show was at the Bell Centre. I watched it religiously. I was totally obsessed.

Deep down it was my life’s mission to get to that room and to sing on that stage. My first time doing a show on that stage was at 21 years old with the In The Lonely Hour tour and it was my favourite show of the entire tour. You’ve just done it again.

Last night made me feel a type of way I don’t think I’ve ever felt on stage. I’ve never felt so much love or heard an applause like that for myself ever.

It makes every hard and challenging moment so worth it. The love for music and art in Montréal is astounding. I’m deeply deeply grateful to you all. You made that confused 14-year-old queer kid watching @badgalriri from a TV in a tiny village in England’s dreams come true last night.

I love you irrevocably.”

Fans poured into the comments section of the post, showing their immense support and admiration for Smith. Many praised Smith for their authenticity and the positive impact they’ve had on their lives through their music and message.

One fan commented, “I’m so grateful to have been part of that crowd, my admiration and love for your person as well as your art just multiplied by thousands after last night.” Another added, “It was such an incredible show!!!! We could totally feel your love, your joy and the empowerment that goes into your music!!”

The emotional moment resonated deeply with fans who connected with Smith’s vulnerability and authenticity. Smith’s music has always been known to touch hearts and bring people together, and this moment on stage was a powerful testament to the impact they have on their audience.

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