Sam Smith Fans Defend Singer as Cruel ‘Stage Dive’ Video Goes Viral


Sam Smith’s loyal fan base has rallied to defend the singer after a viral video depicting a cruel ‘stage dive’ incident sparked controversy.

The 31-year-old ‘Unholy’ singer has faced a barrage of criticism throughout the year, ranging from their perceived ‘satanic’ performance at the Grammy Awards to their daring outfit choice on the red carpet at the Brit Awards.

However, fans have now stepped up to support the ‘Vulgar’ artist in the wake of a video circulating online.

The footage shows an individual who bears a resemblance to the renowned ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’ singer leaping off the stage in an attempt to execute a stage dive.

Unfortunately, everyone in the crowd moves aside, leaving the person to land abruptly on the floor.

The video has triggered mixed reactions on social media, with some users resorting to cruel jokes at Sam Smith’s expense.


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One user exclaimed, “Please assure me that isn’t actually Sam Smith.” Another chimed in, “Wait, what!? That was Sam Smith!?” A third individual remarked, “There’s just no way that’s the same person who wrote and sang ‘Writings on the Wall’.” However, these individuals were swiftly corrected as additional context surrounding the incident emerged.

Once the video made its way onto Twitter, the platform’s fact-checker promptly debunked the misconception and provided further details about the clip. The fact-checker’s statement clarified, “This is not Sam Smith, as clearly seen in these videos taken from a different angle.”

The swift action by social media platforms to address the misattributed video helps rectify the situation and prevent the spread of misinformation. It reinforces the importance of verifying information before jumping to conclusions based solely on viral content.

Sam Smith’s dedicated fan community continues to show unwavering support for the singer, especially in times of unjust criticism and misleading online narratives. Their dedication and vigilance in defending their favorite artist exemplify the strength and loyalty found within the fanbase.

As the situation surrounding the ‘stage dive’ video clarifies, it serves as a reminder to exercise caution and discernment when engaging with online content.

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