Schools Consider Three-Day Week


Schools are reportedly considering three-day weeks to cope with the energy costs and to lessen the financial strain.

Across the UK, headteachers are holding ‘crisis meetings’ with trustees and board of governors over the summer holidays to plan for the future.

Teacher pay rises that are scheduled for September are expected to put even more pressure on the already-stretched finances, according to The Telegraph.

Energy costs in certain areas are expected to rise by a shocking 300 per cent.

A chief executive of one of the academy trusts said:

 ‘Shorter school days, fewer after school clubs and enrichment opportunities and draconian restrictions on energy usage will become a reality for all trusts and the situation is particularly challenging for smaller trusts and standalone schools.’

‘This is not a plaintive plea of poverty. Nor is it the usual begging bowl moment ahead of a spending review – this is serious stuff.’

Crazy…How do you feel about the possibility of shorter school weeks?

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