Selfie from Top of Mount Everest Destroys Flat Earth Theory Once and For All


A selfie taken at the top of Mount Everest has seemingly destroyed the flat Earth theory once and for all.

While the majority of people accept the science behind the Earth being round, one man got so mad about ‘flat Earthers’ that he climbed the world’s tallest mountain to prove he was right.

The epic selfie was posted to Reddit, along with the caption:

“Checkmate flat Earth society.”

See below:

This selfie really is a checkmate moment for Flat Earthers. Credit: Reddit/u/amazed_spirit


People went wild for the selfie with some commenting:

“I climbed Kilimanjaro a few years ago, which is not nearly as tall as Everest, but the curvature of the earth was definitely visible from the summit, but nothing like this.

“I’m guessing that this has something to do with the camera lens and atmosphere affecting the image.”

“I believe the flat earthers are trolling us all. Laughing all the way to their chat rooms and bulletin boards [sic].

“I maintain that only like six people believe in a flat Earth,”

“Everyone else is just trolling each other.”

“I’m all for a good conspiracy theory but there are some, including the flat earth, that are just too much,”



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