‘Selfish’ Woman Faces Backlash Online after Sharing Why She Doesn’t Want Children


A woman has been labeled ‘selfish’ after she shared the reason behind why she never wants children.

Marcela Munoz, from Kansas City in Missouri, shared online that she doesn’t like the thought of morning sickness during pregnancy or having to function on not much sleep.

Marcela, or @childfreemillenial on Instagram, shares her view that “having kids isn’t mandatory” and share that she started her platform because:

“When I first started to realise having children wasn’t for me I started googling what to do if you don’t want kids. I felt like I was the only person in the world who felt this way as there was hardly anything online for advice.”

She added that kids are not for her as:

“I have severe phobia of throwing up and I know that when you are pregnant you feel all these things.”

“There is no way I could do that.”

“Also the fact that I have no desire what so ever. When it comes to me living my life, I have strong desires and I will do it, like starting my YouTube channel and I did it, so if I don’t have that desire, if I’m not fully in it. I’ve never had baby fever, for me it’s a no.”

Watch below:

She of course receives backlash online about her content, with people calling her decision “selfish” and putting her down for choosing to not have children.

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