Sign Reading ‘Truth Wins’ on Road Leading to Amber Heard’s Home City


There is a sign leading to Amber Heard’s home city that reads ‘This is the day! Truth Wins’, according to TMZ. 

It was announced by the jury last week that Johnny Depp had won the case against Heard which started over her 2018 Washington Post op-ed where she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse.

The Aquaman star has been ordered by the court to pay more than $8 million to Depp in damages.

As cited by TMZ, a sign reading ‘Truth Wins’ is around 8 miles outside of central Yucca Valley, on Route 62, near Heard’s home city.

The sign allegedly belongs to the Church of Morongo and is opposite the Morongo Basin road.

People are assuming the sign is pro-Depp, considering #TruthWins was trending online the day of the actor’s win in court.

Johnny Depp has recently joined TikTok and Amber Heard didn’t hesitate to slam the actor for his first post.

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