Sinéad O’Connor Left Specific Instructions for Her Kids in the Event of Her Death


Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor left specific instructions for her children in the event of her passing.

Throughout her life, O’Connor was a devoted mother to her four children: Jake Reynolds, Roisin Waters, Shane Lunny, and her youngest, Yeshua Bonadio.

Tragically, she lost one of her sons, Shane, last year.

On a sorrowful Wednesday (26 July), O’Connor’s family heartbreakingly announced her own passing at the age of 56. The Metropolitan Police stated that her death was not being treated as suspicious, but no cause of death was disclosed.

Two years prior, O’Connor spoke to People magazine about the instructions she had imparted to her family in the event of her demise, emphasizing her desire to safeguard her art and finances. She held the belief that artists’ work becomes more valuable after their death, citing Tupac as an example, with more posthumous album releases than when he was alive. O’Connor expressed concerns about record companies potentially exploiting her music without properly accounting for her family.

With that in mind, she instructed her children to first contact her accountant before seeking emergency services if she were to pass away suddenly. The aim was to ensure that record companies wouldn’t release her music without informing her family about financial matters. O’Connor saw this as a crucial step to protect her legacy and ensure her children’s well-being.

Using Prince, the late artist, as an example, O’Connor highlighted how artists often have unreleased or unfinished works they may not wish to share publicly. She disapproved of record companies capitalizing on such material, likening it to “raping” the vault of an artist’s private creations. Her determination to protect her art and its integrity was evident in her approach to planning for the future.

Throughout her illustrious career, O’Connor recorded 10 studio albums, earning her eight Grammy nominations and one win. Her haunting rendition of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U,’ originally written by Prince, remains one of her best-known tracks, capturing the hearts of many listeners.

Upon her passing, O’Connor’s family released a statement expressing their profound sadness and requesting privacy during this difficult time. Her loved ones, along with the music world, mourned the loss of a talented artist whose music and voice left a lasting impact on countless lives.

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