Skip Bayless Apologizes After Damar Hamlin Tweet Sparks Outrage


Shannon Sharpe missed an episode of Fox Sports show ‘Undisputed’ in an apparent response to Skip Bayless’ controversial comments about the horrific incident involving Damar Hamlin in Monday evening. 

Bills’ Hamlin had to be given CPR after collapsing on the pitch and suffering a suspected cardiac arrest.

Medics rushed on to the field in Cincinnati on Monday after the young footballer collapsed in the middle of a game.

The Buffalo Bills explained the star was hit in the chest with a tackle, but appeared to get back to his feet and adjust his helmet.

He then tragically began to stumble backwards and collapsed to the ground.

CPR was carried out on the footballer for almost 10 minutes before he was transported to hospital.

The network cut to commercial break multiple times as Joe Buck and Troy Aikman spoke seriously about the horrific scenes that were taking place on the field.

Now, fans believe that Sharpe was absent from the morning sports show due to comments made by co-star, Skip Bayless.

The sports columnist tweeted:


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