Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Daughter’s Name Revealed


The veil of secrecy surrounding the name of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ daughter has finally been lifted. The celebrity couple, known for their A-list status, welcomed their second child into the world last year and had managed to keep her name under wraps, until now.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have always been adept at maintaining their privacy, especially when it comes to their family life. Even amidst their highly publicized separation, which saw Jonas filing for divorce over the summer, they had managed to keep their daughter’s name out of the limelight. However, recent developments have brought their youngest child’s name to light.

In documents filed on September 5th, the 34-year-old Jonas officially declared that “the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken.” Despite the dissolution of their marriage, they made it clear that the well-being of their children remains a top priority. The filing mentioned that their children had been living with Jonas in Miami and other locations recently, and it was deemed in the “best interests of the minor children” for both parents to share parental responsibility.

In the midst of their personal turmoil, Sophie Turner took legal action against her estranged husband, alleging that he had withheld their children’s passports. The legal dispute took a turn for the public when Page Six obtained Turner’s filing, revealing their youngest child’s name to be Delphine.

Sophie Turner’s motion included her application under the Hague Convention for the return of the children to England and Wales, emphasizing the importance of the Convention in securing the return of children wrongfully removed or retained in any Contracting State. It also aimed to ensure that the rights of custody and access, as per the law of one Contracting State, are respected in other Contracting States.

Joe Jonas responded to these legal proceedings with a strongly-worded statement, asserting that the children had to remain in the United States in accordance with a court order. He characterized Turner’s legal actions as “a serious abuse of the legal system,” further escalating their ongoing dispute.

In a recent Jonas Brothers concert, Joe Jonas seemed to indirectly allude to the complexities of their situation. During the performance, he engaged with the crowd, asking if there were any parents in attendance. After a brief pause, he quipped, “If you’re trying to have kids, best of luck,” before introducing the song ‘Little Bird.’

The revelation of their daughter’s name, Delphine, adds a new layer to the ongoing narrative of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ separation. Despite the challenges and legal battles they are facing, the couple remains committed to their roles as parents and continues to navigate the complexities of their changing family dynamic.

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