Star Wars and Harry Potter Actor Paul Grant Dies after Collapsing at London Train Station


Actor Paul Grant, known for his roles in popular films such as “Legend,” “Labyrinth,” and “Willow,” has passed away at the age of 56 after collapsing outside King’s Cross station in London.

Police found him at the station and rushed him to the hospital, where he was declared brain dead.

Grant’s family made the difficult decision to switch off his life support machine on March 19th.

The cause of death has not been announced.

Grant’s daughter, Sophie Jayne Grant, expressed her grief over the loss of her father, calling him “a legend in so many ways.” She said in a statement to The Sun, “He always brought a smile and laughter to everyone’s face. He would do anything for anyone and was a massive Arsenal fan.”

Grant, who referred to himself as “the king of the Dwarfs,” was 4ft, 4in tall and played one of the unnamed Ewoks in the 1983 Star Wars film “Return of the Jedi,” alongside actors Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.

He also co-starred with Tom Cruise in “Legend” (1985), David Bowie in “Labyrinth” (1986), and Val Kilmer in “Willow” (1988).

He even filmed an uncredited role in the 2001 film “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Grant’s girlfriend, Maria Dwyer, paid tribute to the actor, describing him as “the love of my life” and “the funniest man I know.”

She wrote on social media, “He made my life complete. Life is never going to be the same without him.”

Grant’s stepdaughter has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of his funeral, writing, “I’m starting this page as Paul sadly passed away yesterday, and I would like to give him the best send-off he would want.”

Three weeks before his death, Grant was filmed at the same location he collapsed, discussing how he “blew” his Star Wars fortune and was “drinking too much.”

Grant’s passing comes just a few months after the death of his Ewok co-star Gary Friedkin, who died in December 2022 at the age of 70.

Grant is survived by his girlfriend Maria, his two daughters and one son, as well as his stepchildren and grandchildren.

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