Star Wars Fans Amazed after Spotting ‘Lightsaber on Mars’


Star Wars fans have been left amazed after spotting a ‘lightsaber on Mars’.

Photos released by NASA from the Perseverance Mars rover has shows images of what looks like a lightsaber on the ground of the planet.

Unfortunately, given that lightsabers are fictional weapons, it cannot be one. However, that has not stopped fans thinking it is and to be honest, the more your look at the image of the object, the more it looks like one…

See below:

Star Wars fans amazed after finding ‘lightsaber on Mars’

Star Wars fans rushed to make many sci-fi joked about the familiar looking object, with one saying:

‘someone dropped their lightsaber’

NASA has shared that the object is in fact a titanium tube that contains a sample of rock which the rover has left on the surface of the planet.

The plan is that 10 similar titanium tubes will be deposited around the planet as a backup incase the other tubes that the robot has already collected do not make it back to Earth.

Not quite as exciting as a lightsaber…

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