Starbucks Employee Breaks Down in Tears after Being Scheduled to Work 8 Hours


A Starbucks employee shared a video of themselves having a breakdown for being asked to work an 8 hour shift.

The barista shares their thoughts on the management of the company and on the customers but what was perhaps the most controversial comment, the employee said that a 25-hour work week and 8-hour shifts at the weekend was too much.

Watch the now viral clip below:

Their comments divided the internet with some responding:

‘Do I have any sympathy for this young spoiled kid? No. At 17 I was overseas with an M-16. 12 hour days OR around the clock. Bad food, bad weather, dangerous conditions, etc. some of the best times I can remember & friendships that have lasted a lifetime. Grow up kid.’

While others defended the barista:

What are your thoughts?

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