Stephen A. Smith Slams Colin Kaepernick Over his Latest NFL Comeback Talk


Stephen A. Smith has slammed Colin Kaepernick for his NFL comeback talk.

The ESPN host was clear that he’s had enough of hearing about the QB’s “potential” comeback, saying he is “sick” of hearing about it.

In an interview, Smith said:

“I’m sick of this. i’ve had it.”

“Both sounds don’t trust one another, who the hell don’t know that!”

“You ain’t play in five years. We don’t know what you can do”

“The point is coaches, PLAYERS and EXECUTIVEs all ANSWERS to OWNERs…and they dont wanna touch you”

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Smith’s annoyance stems from an interview Kaepernick did with former NFL stars Chad Johnson, Adam “Pacman” Jones and Brandon Marshall for an episode of I Am Athlete.

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Kaepernick has been putting his skills on display recently – stopping by major cities all over the U.S., working out with college stars.

Smith finished out the interview by saying:

“you didn’t wanna play, you didn’t wanna talk and that’s why you still doing interviews instead of throwing touchdowns. I’m done.”

Mic drop…

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