Stephen tWitch Boss’s Wife Shares Tragic First Post Since His Death


Alison Holker has shared her first social media post since the death of her beloved husband, Stephen tWitch Boss.

The DJ on the Ellen Degeneres Show died tragically aged just 40 by a self-inflicted gun shot wound in a motel less than a mile from his family home.

Boss was a long serving member of Ellen’s team, and was a member of the huge talkshow from 2014 until its finale in 2022.

Ellen’s respect for Stephen was evident when she promoted him to Executive Producer in 2020.

Law enforcement told TMZ that left at the scene was a note that hinted at challenges the star had faced in the past.

Investigators discovered that the DJ took an Uber to the motel less than a mile from his home and he turned his phone on to aeroplane mode, so no one would be able to contact or track him.

Stephen’s wife has posted for the first time, on her Instagram:

“My ONE and ONLY Oh how my heart aches. We miss you so much.”

Tragic. RIP.

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