Women share their Experience with Multiple Pregnancies


Women who have been pregnant with multiples proudly tell their story and share images from that magical time.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and natural thing in the world. These moms have shared what it was like to be pregnant with multiple baby’s at the same time, the toll that took on their body’s and their mental health.

Michella Meier-Morsi posted this photo of her 35-week bump with triplets:

She now has a beautiful, health family:

‘Charlotte was also pregnant with triplet girl babies. Her husband posted: If your wondering what it looked like being pregnant 🤰 with triplets …. well like this! This was at 30 weeks and they were born at 34 weeks by c section … 1 minute apart… in hospital for 3 weeks and then home to where the fun began 😀’

See below:

Billiejean also had triplets. She shared on her social media that her pregnancy was hard and she really struggled:

‘Little throwback to when I was pregnant with the twins😊. I was smiling in this photo but gosh it was such a horrible pregnancy 🙈🤣. I felt sick literally every day, was aching from about about 20 weeks pregnant and was full of constant worry as one of the twins didn’t move much towards the end. But hey ho, my beautiful twins are here now and was worth every ache, pain and emotion that I went through during the pregnancy and traumatic birth 💙’

See below:

Have you had multiple pregnancies? what was your experience like?

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