Stranger Things Fans Think They’ve Spotted Major Plot Hole in Season 4


Spoilers ahead for Season 4…

Stranger Things fans think they have found a major plot hole in the latest season.

The hit show is back with season four, which has been split into two volumes to keep fans waiting with anticipation to find out the outcome.

The newest season has had rave reviews from critics and fans of the show who have been binge watching the new episodes since they were released at the end of May.

Season four focuses on the gang’s efforts to defeat Vecna, the new villain preying on the people of Hawkins.

However, many fans have discovered what they think is a major plot hole related to Millie Bobby Brown’s character, Eleven.

The problem fans have is when the audience is shown flashbacks of Eleven’s experience in the Hawkins lab, Eleven is talking fluently. However, when she first appeared in the show, she could barely talk.

See below:

Watch the trailer for season four below:

Volume 1 was out May 27 and Volume 2 is out July 1 on Netflix.

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