Stream these 10 Movies Before they Leave Netflix in November


For U.S. subscribers bidding adieu to Netflix in November, a diverse array of cinematic gems, from Oscar-winning films to bawdy comedies and family favorites, are set to depart. Here’s a roundup of some of the standout titles that will soon no longer be available on the streaming service.

  1. ‘Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian’ (Nov. 6)
    In this 2002 documentary, filmmaker Christian Charles delves into Jerry Seinfeld’s return to stand-up comedy post-retirement. The film intertwines Seinfeld’s reemergence in the stand-up circuit with the story of Orny Adams, attempting to follow Seinfeld’s path. While some segments may not have aged well, the documentary provides an intriguing glimpse into the world of comedy and showcases Seinfeld’s interactions with other comedians.
  2. ‘Loving’ (Nov. 15)
    Jeff Nichols’ 2016 drama offers an intimate portrayal of Richard and Mildred Loving, the couple behind the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing interracial marriage. Nichols sidesteps grandiosity, focusing on the couple’s heartfelt connection, portrayed by Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga’s sensitive performances.
  3. ‘Disappearance at Clifton Hill’ (Nov. 29)
    Albert Shin’s 2020 Canadian thriller follows a woman haunted by a puzzling encounter during a fishing trip, providing glimpses into buried traumas and true-crime podcasting. David Cronenberg’s small but memorable appearance adds depth to the narrative.
  4. ‘About Last Night’ (Nov. 30)
    This 2014 romantic comedy, a loose remake of a 1986 film, delves into the battle of the sexes, delivering both laughs and poignant moments. While the central couple’s chemistry is decent, the real charm comes from the engaging portrayals by Regina Hall and Kevin Hart as their B.F.F.s.
  5. ‘Arrival’ (Nov. 30)
    Denis Villeneuve’s 2016 sci-fi film explores the complexities of extraterrestrial communication, steering away from typical alien invasion tropes. Amy Adams delivers a compelling performance as a linguist striving to bridge the gap between humans and aliens.
  6. ‘Fences’ (Nov. 30)
    Denzel Washington’s compelling performance in the 2016 adaptation of August Wilson’s play offers a poignant portrayal of Troy Maxson’s inner turmoil, complemented by Viola Davis’s powerful acting, earning her an Oscar.
  7. ‘Hook’ (Nov. 30)
    Steven Spielberg’s “Hook” initially received mixed reviews but captivated young audiences in 1991, leaving a lasting impression on the generation. The film presents a different take on Peter Pan, with Robin Williams in the titular role, Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook, and Julia Roberts as Tinker Bell.
  8. ‘Stuart Little’ (Nov. 30)
    This 1999 family film, based on E.B. White’s book, enchants with its whimsical storytelling and a stellar voice cast. The tale of the adventurous mouse, Stuart Little, played by Michael J. Fox, offers charming entertainment for all ages.
  9. ‘Superbad’ (Nov. 30)
    Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s screenplay, turned into a film in 2007, offers a relatable glimpse into teenage life. The warm and witty performances by Jonah Hill and Michael Cera beautifully capture the nuances of teenage awkwardness and longing.
  10. ‘Up in the Air’ (Nov. 30)
    George Clooney’s 2009 performance shines in this drama-comedy helmed by Jason Reitman. The film delves into the emotional journey of Ryan Bingham, a professional tasked with firing people, whose life takes a turn when confronted with Anna Kendrick’s character. The movie’s themes of professional discontentment remain relevant even today.

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