Student Captured Chilling Image of Black Bear before Being Mauled to Death by It


In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded in 2014, the serene beauty of a hiking trail turned into a harrowing nightmare for a group of friends, culminating in a young student’s tragic encounter with a black bear. Darsh Patel, a 22-year-old Rutgers University student, embarked on what should have been a leisurely hike with three companions in the Apshawa Preserve of West Milford, New Jersey. What began as an attempt to unwind from their studies took an unimaginable turn when the group found themselves being trailed by a 300-pound bear.

In an attempt to capture the extraordinary moment on his phone, Patel snapped chilling pictures of the bear as it ominously drew closer to the group. A police report from the time revealed that the bear’s approach intensified as the friends paused to document the encounter. The situation escalated rapidly, and with the bear only 15 feet away, the group made a desperate decision to flee into the surrounding woods, scattering in different directions.

Tragically, Patel’s actions to divert the bear’s attention away from his friends became his last act. Yelling for his companions to continue their escape, Patel was separated from the group as he climbed a rock formation, with the bear in relentless pursuit. Patel’s friends lost sight of him amid the chaos, marking the heart-wrenching moment that would forever alter their lives.

The friends promptly alerted the authorities, who swiftly launched a search operation. After two hours of anxious searching, Patel’s lifeless body was discovered, bearing evidence of a deadly encounter with the bear. A subsequent necropsy revealed that the bear had ingested human remains and shreds of clothing, a somber testament to the tragic turn of events.

Darsh Patel was a final-year student of information technology at Rutgers University, and the news of his untimely demise cast a pall over the academic community. In a statement, the university’s chancellor, Richard Edwards, extended heartfelt condolences to Patel’s family, friends, and fellow students, expressing the collective grief that enveloped the campus.

Amid the devastating aftermath, law enforcement authorities were compelled to take action. The bear, responsible for the fatal attack, was dispatched by the police at the scene. Patel’s phone, which held the eerie images of the bear’s approach, bore the imprint of the animal’s bite marks, serving as a haunting reminder of the encounter.

In the weeks that followed the tragedy, the West Milford police released a series of five photos retrieved from Patel’s phone. These images chronicled the bear’s steady approach, depicting the animal standing a mere 100 feet away from the hikers in the tranquil woods of New Jersey. Each subsequent photo documented the bear’s unnerving proximity to the group, culminating in the moment they fled, and the snapshots abruptly ceased.

Authorities stated that there was no indication that the group had provoked the bear, yet caution was advised. Experts recommended moving slowly and avoiding direct eye contact as a safer approach to such encounters. The sobering tale of Darsh Patel’s encounter with the black bear serves as a stark reminder of the delicate balance between nature’s beauty and its untamed forces, urging us to respect and navigate the wild world with care and prudence.

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