Tallest Woman in the World Smashes Three More Records


    The tallest woman in the world has smashes three more records.

    25-year-old Rumeysa Gelgi is already the tallest woman on earth at 7ft 0.7 inches, but she is also the woman with the largest hands and has the longest back of any female in the world.

    Her right hand measures 24.93cm in length, which when compared to the average female hand which is usually roughly 17cm, is amazing.

    At her birth weight, Gelgi weighed just over 13lbs and was 59cm long – about the same of an average two month old.

    When talking about her height, Gelgi said:

     “My height looks like a disadvantage to other people but I have turned it into a blessing for myself.

    “My uniqueness and differences are being awarded and celebrated.

    “As well as being the tallest woman on earth, I have broken three more world records, including the largest hands of a female, longest fingers of a female and longest back of a female.

    “I have a totally positive outlook on life, but there are challenges that come with my height.


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