‘Tasteless’ McDonald’s Advert Next to Crematorium Replaced but Locals Say it’s ‘Just as Bad’


McDonald’s has replaced its controversial advertisement that caused uproar after being placed next to a crematorium in the UK.

The original advertisement featured a McCrispy sandwich, which many found inappropriate due to its close proximity to the Penmount Crematorium in Truro, Cornwall.

Although the fast-food chain removed the sign following criticism, the replacement ad has not been well-received by locals.

The new advertisement promotes a £5 “locals’ pass” for the Tate art gallery in St Ives, which has also been met with disapproval.

The previous ad was seen as “tasteless” by some, with concerns that it could upset grieving family members visiting the crematorium.

One individual who had a loved one cremated at the establishment last year stated, “although I can see the funny side, it is tasteless and I’m sure some grieving family members won’t like to see it.”

McDonald’s responded by stating that it was unaware of the ad’s proximity to the crematorium and would remove the sign. The company kept its promise and replaced the ad with one for the Tate gallery.

However, the new ad has not gone down well with locals either.

As the ad is placed close to the crematorium, some have joked that it appears to promote discounts on regular cremations.

One passer-by commented, “you couldn’t make this up,” while another said, “I don’t know what’s worse, this one or the first one.”

Some individuals argue that the new advertisement is “not much better” than the previous one, while others joked that the location should have increased advertising rates due to the bus stop ads going viral.

In conclusion, McDonald’s replaced its “tasteless” advertisement with another ad for the Tate art gallery.

Although the fast-food chain kept its promise to remove the original ad, the new advertisement has not been well-received by locals due to its proximity to the crematorium.

While some may find the situation amusing, others believe that the ads are insensitive to those who have lost loved ones and are visiting the crematorium.

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