Text Messages Between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Have Leaked


Screenshots of text messages supposedly exchanged between tech moguls Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, discussing a potential fight between them, have surfaced, leaving the public intrigued. Although the idea of a billionaire brawl might capture imaginations, it seems the anticipated showdown may not materialize.

Despite Musk’s claims of an imminent fight to be streamed on his social media platform, it appears that Zuckerberg’s stance suggests the Twitter CEO’s intentions might not be entirely serious. Zuckerberg expressed skepticism about reaching a concrete agreement for the fight and hinted at his preference for a genuine Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) match.

Leaked text messages between the two revealed Zuckerberg’s plea to Musk to commit to the fight soon. If Musk wasn’t prepared to move forward promptly, Zuckerberg indicated a desire to abandon the endeavor. These texts were disclosed by Walter Isaacson, Musk’s biographer, who tweeted a screenshot of a text conversation with Musk.

Isaacson reacted with a ‘wow’ to the shared messages, prompting a lighthearted emoji response from Musk. In response, Zuckerberg took to Threads, a social media platform of his own, stating that he proposed a fight date but Musk failed to confirm. Zuckerberg questioned Musk’s commitment, citing his claim of needing surgery, and dismissed the idea of a ‘practice round’ in Musk’s backyard.

Musk's biographer shared the messages he'd been sent of the tech billionaires discussing the fight. Credit: Twitter/@WalterIsaacson

Zuckerberg signaled his intention to focus on competing with individuals dedicated to the sport, implying that Musk might be indulging in empty bravado. Musk countered with name-calling, labeling Zuckerberg a ‘chicken,’ and humorously alleging that the Facebook founder couldn’t consume chicken due to cannibalistic implications.

UFC President Dana White fueled the speculation, suggesting that the fight remains a possibility and even discussing the prospect of holding it in the iconic Colosseum in Rome. White revealed a preliminary meeting with Italian officials, though no official agreement had been reached. White anticipated astronomical revenue from the hypothetical bout, estimating that it could surpass a billion dollars, and even compared the scale of the event to a hypothetical battle between Trump and Putin.

However, the situation has evolved with Zuckerberg asserting that Musk isn’t taking the fight seriously. He called for an end to the time wasted on the matter unless Musk demonstrates a genuine commitment. On the other side, Musk offered the notion of a practice fight in his own backyard.

The Facebook founder has said he doesn't think Musk is really serious about having a 'legit competition'. Credit: Threads/Mark Zuckerberg

Despite the intrigue surrounding the exchange, it’s evident that the fight’s potential is facing skepticism. The public’s excitement about a potential face-off between two tech giants is juxtaposed with the likelihood that it might be mere posturing, diminishing the prospects of a literal showdown. As things stand, the fight seems to be veering toward cancellation unless substantial shifts occur in the near future.

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