The Beach from ‘The Beach’ is Not as Instagram Worthy as it Seems


The beach from the Leonardo DiCaprio classic ‘The Beach’ is not as Instagram perfect as it may seem…

The popular destination, Maya Bay, is located in Thailand and is famous for being used in the 2000 classic film.

Watch the trailer below:

However, similar to the themes in the film, the masses of tourists that flock to the destination tarnish the tranquility a little…

Travel influencer/photographer ‘worldpitou’ posted a video recently showing ‘Instagram’ vs ‘reality’ of the beautiful beach.

Watch below:

The beach was closed off for 3 years due to the Coronavirus pandemic but has not long reopened. The influencer writes:

‘Instagram vs reality ! Wait for it 🤯
After 3 years of closing, Maya Bay has reopened.. Ok boats are not allowed to stop at the beach, you’re not allowed to swim, but there are still hundreds of boats on the other side of the island and thousands of people visiting the beach. Do you think these restrictions are enough ? I don’t.’

Too many visitors risk damaging the delicate ecosystem of the beach and ocean wildlife.

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