The Kid from Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little is Now a Totally Ripped MMA Fighter


The little kid from Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little is all grown up and is a totally ripped MMA fighter.

Jonathan Lipnicki was well known as a child actor for his roles in Stuart Little, The Little Vampire, Like Mike and Jerry Maguire.

The now 31-year-old has continued his acting career but is arguably better known now for his huge passion for mixed martial arts.

Lipnicki began his training as a young boy, starting with jiu-jitsu and earning his black belt years later, in 2020.

He revealed in 2012 that his family ‘actually owns an MMA promotion company’ which he explained was a big inspiration for him growing up.

The 31-year-old told TMZ:

 “Because of that, I’ve given my mom a lot of the fighters to fight in a show. I’m actually training one of my friends right now — he’s fighting a jiu-jitsu guy. So I’m his sparring guy. If it’s someone way better, I won’t be a good sparring partner.”

He explained:

“There have been a lot of anti-Semitic hate crimes and violence towards Jews.

“He (Remy) started this group where we decided to make sure people got home and to the synagogue safely.

“A lot of us are martial artists or own martial arts gyms and not all of us are Jewish. It’s just people wanting to help other people.

“Everyone should have the right to worship without being discriminated against.”

He is unrecognizable…

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