The Last of US Creators Confirm Way more Infected are Coming in Season Two


Fans of the popular TV show The Last of Us have expressed disappointment with the season finale of season one, stating that it lacked action and the presence of infected.

However, series creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have reassured fans that the upcoming season two will feature a lot more of those terrifying beasts that have the cordyceps virus pumping through their bodies.

During a virtual press conference, Mazin and Druckmann revealed that the next instalment will see “a lot more infected” crop up throughout the story.

Mazin explained that the show focuses more on relationships and finding significance within moments of action. Therefore, there may be less action than some people wanted, but it is purposeful and more focused for TV viewers.

The creators acknowledged that adapting a game for TV requires some adjustments, as a lot of the gameplay involves non-playable characters that players have to get around, avoid, stealth kill, or confront head-on.

The NPCs were either raiders, cannibalism, or the infected, resulting in a lot of fighting. Druckmann admitted that the kill count in the game is much higher than what they would want for the show. If an action scene doesn’t move the character story forward, it’s an easy cut for them.

As a bonus, the showrunners revealed that the series will extend well beyond season two, and the events of Part II of the video game will span more than one television season. Mazin confirmed that the second season will not make up the entire storyline of the second game, indicating that it’s more than one season.

Fans can look forward to some serious viewing in the upcoming season, with more of the terrifying infected creatures and a storyline that will extend beyond season two. The show’s creators have assured viewers that the upcoming season will pack a punch and offer purposeful and focused action scenes.

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