The Reason Why you Shouldn’t Smile in Mug Shot


Have you ever wondered why experts say you shouldn’t smile in a custody mug shot?

Well, a TikToker/Youtuber has revealed the reason.

@AttorneyPish has shared the reason why you should avoid smiling if you are ever arrested.

He says:

“Does this look like a woman who is remorseful for the crime she committed, that ended up killing someone?

“The jury is going to absolutely hate you… and by the way that woman is a real person, and she was sentenced to 11 years in prison.”

Watch below:

Another attorney, known as @AttorneyTom also posted a similar video after hearing some “bad” advice on the radio:

“I was just on my way to my office and the radio DJ I was listening to made some comment about how you should smile in your mugshot because this picture will live on the internet forever.

“That is the worst advice I’ve ever heard and let me tell you why.”

“Does this look like someone who is sorry? Who is remorseful for what they just did?

“Despite the fact they could have killed or injured somebody? No. They are smiling. This is why this case matters. This is why we are seeking the maximum sentence.”

Makes a lot of sense!

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