The U.S. Has Offered to Swap a Russian Arms Dealer for Brittney Griner


The U.S. has offered to swap a Russian Arms Dealer for Brittney Garner, according to CNN.

The WNBA star was arrested in Russia after going through airport security and officials said they found vape cartridges in her luggage.

Since February, the athlete has been detained in the country. Earlier in the month, Grinner pleaded guilty to possessing vape cartridges that contained cannabis oil – which is illegal in Russia.

The charges can carry a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

Ahead of her trial, Griner’s legal team has offered evidence to try and get a shorter sentence.

As reported by CNN, the athlete’s team submitted a letter from a medical centre that had authorized Griner use medical cannabis to treat chronic pain.

The team also submitted test results from 2018 that confirmed the “severe chronic pain”.

According to the news publication, the Biden administration has signed off on an offer to send  Russian Arms Dealer Viktor Bout – who is currently serving a sentence of 25-years – back to Russia in exchange for the athletes return.

Griner is considered “wrongfully detained” by the United States government.

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