‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Booed by Audience after Suggesting Kim Kardashian is a Bombshell Equal to Raquel Welch


During a recent episode of “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin found herself in hot water with both the audience and her fellow co-hosts after she suggested that Kim Kardashian was on par with the late actress Raquel Welch as a sex symbol.

The comments came just one day after Welch’s passing, leaving many viewers feeling that the remarks were particularly insensitive.

Raquel Welch was known for her roles in films like “Fantastic Voyage” and “The Three Musketeers,” as well as for her role as a sex symbol in Hollywood during the 1960s and 1970s.

Despite only having three lines in her role in “One Million Years B.C.,” Welch became a household name for her skimpy two-piece deerskin bikini from the film and cemented her place as an international sex symbol.

When Hostin suggested that Kim Kardashian was a sex symbol in the same vein as Raquel Welch, the audience was not pleased, with many viewers booing and heckling the co-host.

Hostin was visibly taken aback by the reaction from the audience, and the rest of the hosts appeared to be in agreement that there was simply no comparison.

Co-host Joy Behar argued that “they don’t make any sex symbols like that” these days, referring to Welch’s iconic status. Whoopi Goldberg also chimed in, struggling to put her thoughts into words and ultimately deciding to move on from the topic. “Yeah, that’s not even — you can’t even put them in the same, I’m not even — look, I’m moving on,” Goldberg said.

The moment was undoubtedly an awkward one for Hostin, who appeared to be surprised by the strong reaction from the audience. It’s unclear whether Hostin genuinely believed that Kardashian was on the same level as Welch in terms of sex symbol status, or if she was simply trying to provoke a reaction from the audience.

Regardless of Hostin’s intentions, many viewers were left feeling that the co-host’s comments were inappropriate and tone-deaf. Welch was a Hollywood icon and a pioneer for women in film, and her passing should have been a time for reflection and appreciation, not comparison to a reality TV star.

Twitter users were quick to react to Hostin’s comments, with many criticizing the co-host for her insensitivity. One user wrote, “I can’t believe Sunny Hostin would say that. Raquel Welch was a legend and an icon. Kim Kardashian is just a reality TV star.” Another added, “Sunny Hostin really needs to learn some respect. Raquel Welch was a trailblazer for women in film. Kim Kardashian is just famous for being famous.”

Raquel Welch was a trailblazer and an icon, and her contributions to the film industry should be celebrated and remembered with respect.

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