Three Crypto Billionaires have Died in the Last Month


Three well-known cryptocurrency billionaire have died under mysterious circumstances in the last month and the internet is convinced there is a conspiracy theory behind it all.

One of the men, Nikolai Mushegian, who sadly died even tweeted just before his death that he believed he was being targeted.

Mushegian was the co-founder of MakerDAO and sadly died near his home. His body was discovered on the beach. He reportedly went for a walk and had allegedly drowned.

Tiantian Kullander suddenly died at the age of 30. He was one of the people being the Hong Kong based company, Amber Group. 

It was sadly announced that the 30-year-old died in his sleep on 23 November.

Amber Group shared a statement that read:

“Tiantian (or “TT”, as he was lovingly known) was instrumental to the founding of Amber and a pillar of our success.

“He put his heart and soul into the company, in every stage of its growth. He led by example with his intellect, generosity, humility, diligence and creativity.”

“We lost a great partner and a true friend in TT and words cannot express our sorrow at this time.

“TT’s legacy will live on and we will work even harder to make Amber the category-defining leader of our industry, as this was TT’s ambition and dream.

“TT was a devoted husband, a loving father and a fierce friend. His passing is a tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

“He is survived by his wife and their beloved son. We kindly request that you respect their privacy during this difficult time.”

Vyacheslav Taran was the Russian founder of the Forex Club as well as president of the Libertex Group. It was recently reported that he died in a helicopter crash near the French/Italian border. He was 53-years-old.

Although none of these deaths appear to be linked, they are definitely mysterious and have caused many online to speculate conspiracy theories.


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