Three Florida Men Spotted Attempting to Swim in Hurricane Ian


Footage of three men attempting to swim in Hurricane Ian has emerged and it is wild.

The Hurricane is tearing its way through Florida and these men decided that it was the ideal time for a casual dip in the water.

The group decided to risk it all in Fort Myers during ‘EXTREMELY dangerous’ conditions.

Watch the footage below – do not try this yourself:

The footage originally came from the Pier Side Grill CCTV and was shared online. The caption on the original post reads:

“New video just in from Fort Myers, FL shows swimmers getting into the storm surge as Hurricane #Ian approaches. This is EXTREMELY dangerous. I can’t believe I have to say this…. DO NOT GET INTO THE WATER!”

It is unclear if any injuries were sustained and the identity of these men has not yet been discovered.

It should go without saying but please do not attempt to do this, folks. Stay safe out there.

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