Tickets to See Beyoncé are So Expensive American Fans are Flying to Europe


Music lovers in the United States are becoming increasingly frustrated with the high cost of concert tickets, with some even opting to travel to Europe to see their favorite artists instead.

In fact, tickets for Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Pink, and Ed Sheeran are three times cheaper in Europe than they are in the US.

Beyoncé fan Mercedes Arielle from Dallas, for example, decided to fly to Stockholm to see the Renaissance tour rather than buying a ticket in her hometown.

She told The Washington Post, “Beyoncé is a ministry. When I think about the things she is saying in her music about experiencing joy and celebrating black women? She made us feel empowered and capable and strong and worthy.”

Similarly, Kylyn Schnelle from Louisville, Kentucky, found that tickets for Beyoncé’s show in her hometown were selling for over $800 on resale sites.

However, after looking online, she found tickets in London for £167 (about $200), and with the cost of the flight, the trip came out to be the same as seeing the singer in Kentucky.

These tactics used by Arielle and Schnelle can save music lovers thousands of dollars, especially if they have airline points to use or have already booked their tickets to Europe.


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