Tiger King’s Carole Baskin to be Targeted by Private Investigator in Search for Missing Husband


The notorious figure from the hit Netflix series Tiger King, Carole Baskin, is reportedly facing renewed scrutiny as a private investigator sets out to search for her missing husband.

Baskin has long been accused of murdering her former partner, Don Lewis, by her rival Joe Exotic.

Lewis disappeared under mysterious circumstances in August 1997, with Baskin filing a restraining order against him at the same time and Lewis telling police that his wife wanted to kill him.

Despite extensive investigations, Lewis’ body has never been found and in 2002 he was legally declared dead.

However, the case has continued to capture public attention due to the sensational allegations and conspiracy theories surrounding it.

Now, former Secret Service agent and homicide detective Jim Rathmann has taken up the case and plans to conduct a thorough investigation of the site made famous by the Tiger King series, using cadaver dogs and forensic experts to search for signs of human remains.

Rathmann also intends to seek permission from the buyers of Baskin’s property to examine the region for potential places of interest.

Rathmann has a personal connection to the story, as he previously created his own TV series about Lewis’ death.

He believes that Baskin still has unanswered questions about the case and has refused to discuss it, leading some to view her as the prime suspect in Lewis’ disappearance.

Rathmann hopes that a comprehensive search of the Big Cat Rescue grounds, where Baskin’s animal sanctuary is located, will finally provide closure on the matter.

The Daily Mail reached out to a representative of Baskin for comment, who directed them to a statement issued in 2021.

The statement, now two years old, denied any involvement by Baskin in Lewis’ disappearance.

Baskin has previously claimed to police that Lewis fled to Costa Rica, while Rathmann maintains that Lewis was killed.

As this investigation unfolds, it will undoubtedly be a fascinating development in the ongoing saga surrounding Carole Baskin and the mystery of Don Lewis’ disappearance.

The case has captivated audiences around the world, and Rathmann’s efforts to search for the truth may finally shed light on what happened to Lewis over two decades ago.

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