TikTok Can’t Deal with Kylie Jenner Unearthing a $41k Rolex from the Bottom of her Purse


Kylie Jenner recently treated her fans on TikTok to a casual “what’s in my bag” video, and let’s just say it was far from relatable…

The video begins with Kylie proudly showcasing her beloved Bottega Veneta purse, declaring it to be her all-time favorite bag.

She gushes, “This was the best investment. It’s so gorgeous, from Bottega. And it fits everything perfectly. Now, this is going to be a very honest ‘what’s in my bag’ because I haven’t cleaned or organized it at all.”

As expected, the first item Kylie pulls out is something we can all relate to in these times: hand sanitizer, branded with her own name, of course. But the next item? Well, not quite relatable at all.

Kylie delves deeper into her bag and uncovers what appears to be a dazzling gold Rolex watch worth a whopping $41,500.

Surprisingly, it was just sitting at the bottom of her purse because her daughter, Stormi, had worn it to a party.

Amused by the discovery, Kylie muses, “I have Stormi’s little watch in here. It was actually my watch, but she wore it—look at how small her wrist is! She wore it to a birthday party and then didn’t want to wear it anymore.”

Watch the video below:


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Unsurprisingly, Kylie’s followers had plenty to say about this extravagant find.

“The Rolex…in the bag…just like that. 😳😅”
“Stormi casually wearing a Rolex to a bday party. 😭”
“Stormi having a Rolex such a slay.”
“The casual Rolex watch thrown in the purse lol.”
“The possible scratches on that Rolex from being tossed around casually KILLS ME.”
“Wish my mum let me borrow her Rolex instead of giving me a Micky Mouse watch.”
“Lmao the first thing she pulls out is a Rolex I love her.”

Not exactly relatable…

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