TikToker Addison Rae Called Out for ‘Blasphemous’ Bikini


TikTok star Addison Rae has been called out for what some are describing as a ‘blasphemous’ bikini.

In a Instagram post which has now been deleted, Rae posted an image from a photoshoot she did in collaboration with Adidas and Praying.

In the image, the 21-year-old is wearing the collections $100 bikini, named the ‘Holy Trinity Bikini’ – which reads ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ on the top and ‘Holy Spirit’ on the bottoms.

While the TikTok star got many compliments, some people were offended by the image.

Some people took to social media to share their distaste:

“This is wrong on so many levels…,”

“So disrespectful.”

 “You have done a very foolish deed young lady. You have committed blasphemy against the Holy Trinity. You have brought condemnation upon yourself. ”

“Blasphemy can be forgiven but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can not.”

See the image below:

Credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

Page Six reported on a few other comments from the original post:

“Is nobody gonna talk about this disrespecting religions?”

“If women’s bodies weren’t sexualized the Addison Rae bikini wouldn’t be a scandal.”


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