TikToker Raises $186,000 for 81-Year-Old to Pay Off her Mortgage


A 19-year-old TikToker has raised an insane amount of money to pay of an 81-year-old’s mortgage to allow her to finally retire.

Devan Bonagura from New Jersey went viral for sharing a clip of Nola Carpenter taking a break at her job at Walmart.

That clip then went viral, being viewed more than 30 million times which prompted a GoFundMe page to raise money for her retirement.

Watch below:


In 5 days $168,996 raised for Nola. Amazing this young man felt a need to help his elderly Walmart coworker. What would’ve be nice @Walmart matching the donation. Well done @dbon973_ & congratulations to Nola on her retirement! People are Amazing! ❤️ #BeKind https://gofund.me/f6418d04

♬ The Fog – John Carpenter

The original user posted that the store manager had asked him to take the video down:

‘They’re getting a lot of backlash, so they told me I need to delete the video and delete the GoFundMe and return all the money to the people that donated it, or they’re going to get the cops involved,’

‘So, I told them to do what you have to do because I’m getting this money to this woman one way or another.’

However, Nola receive that money. Watch her reaction below:


WE LOVE YOU NOLA I HOPE THIS HELPS❤️🙏 #blowthisup #fyp #gofundme #nola #walmart #viralvideo

♬ original sound – DBON

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