TikToker Sabrina Prater Speaks Out After Serial Killer Accusations Go Viral


TikToker Sabrina Prater has spoken out after false serial killer allegations surfaced online.

Sabrina, a construction worker with over 370,000 followers on the video platform, posts dancing videos multiple times a day and does no harm to anyone.

Prater began being mocked for their appearance likening to that of Buffalo Bill, the serial killer from The Silence Of The Lambs, and the relentless bullying led to a conspiracy being created that Sabrina was actually a serial killer.

Obviously, these rumours were completely untrue and hurtful.


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The conspiracy got out of hand, when people began scouring Sabrina’s videos for clues.

Sabrina has now spoken out about the horrible allegations in a heartbreaking video.


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Bullying has no place online. If you do it. Stop. Take a long hard look at yourself, and stop.


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