Tim Allen’s Joke in ‘The Santa Clauses’ about ‘Merry Christmas’ being Offensive Sparked Huge Debate


A line said by Tim Allen in the Disney Plus series ‘The Santa Clauses’ has sparked a huge debate online.

The mini-series sees Allen returning as Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus searching for a successor for the very important role.

One particular line said by the iconic actor, however, has sparked a huge debate with many finding it offensive.

Allen is asked if anything is upsetting him, to which he replies:

[He is fine but] ‘saying ‘Merry Christmas to all’ has suddenly become problematic’

Some people took to Twitter to share their views:

“What kills me with people being so up in arms about the phrase “Happy Holidays” is that a song with that title came out in 1942 and has been popular ever since.”

“Number of people I’ve seen take offence to ‘Merry Christmas’ : 0′

“What’s this ‘War on Christmas’ nonsense doing in my Disney Santa movie?”

“We don’t say it to not offend. We say it to include. We say it because we acknowledge that there might be things out there we don’t personally observe. Has nothing to do with offence.”


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