‘Time Traveller from 2671’ Claims ‘Seven People will Fall from the Sky’ Next Year


A ‘time traveler from 2671’ claims that ‘seven people will fall from the sky’ in 2023.

Eno Alaric – username @radianttimetraveller on TikTok – claims that on June 18 2023, ‘7 people will mysteriously fall from the sky’ and on May 15 2023 ‘a 750 ft mega tsunami hits the California Coast’…

He goes on to list more dreaded supposed events to come next year including:

‘November 30, 2022: The James Webb telescope discovers a planet that is a mirrored version of Earth. January 1, 2023: A plane flying over the Burmuda triangle goes missing.’

“March 3, 2023: A message is received all around the world that seems to have come from the ocean. May 15, 2023: A 750ft mega-tsunami hits the California coast, mainly San Francisco.”

People were skeptical in the comments, with some saying:

“Why is it always bad news?? I don’t get it,”

“If he came from the future he should be able to tell us how to get rich over the next few months,”

“If they land at my place I’ll happily make scones and a pot of tea,”

“Wahoo, finally some excitement in this world,”

Watch below:


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