‘Time Traveller’ Warns Deadly Creatures Will Emerge From The Ground This Year


A ‘time traveller’ has predicted that the apocalypse is coming in a matter of months.

The warning was shared online by a TikTok user who claims to have a document that proves it.

Kawhi Leonard, AKA ‘thehiddengod1’, has predicted that the ground in the US will split and millions of people will vanish.

See below:

Leonard has shared specific dates that he claims will be the date of our apparent impending demise.

It seems as though the first event, which he claims will be called ‘the great split’ will occur on July 14 and will be America’s biggest earthquake to date.

On August 9, Leonard claims that more than 2 million people will “mysteriously disappear” before some new creatures called “stalkers” will arrive on October 3.

See below:

Watch full video below:

@thehiddengod1 Remember these dates #fyp #timetravel ♬ original sound – Tik Toker

TikTok users commented:

‘God will make sure we’re safe’

‘The comment section is now a church.’

While others were doubtful of the “prophecy”, saying:

‘Me not believing it. *Writes it down just in case*.’

‘The Simpsons will tell us.’

Will definitely be putting these dates in the calendar. Spooky…

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