Toddler Bites and Kills Snake After it Bit Her


A toddler bit and killed a snake after it bit her first.

The two-year-old in Bingol, Turkey managed to kill a snake by biting the animal after it bit her when she was playing in her family garden.

The unnamed toddler was bit on the lip on 10 August and as soon as she realised what happened, she bit the snake right back.

The neighbors found the toddler with the 20-inch dead animal between her teeth…

The neighbors and parents were horrified. Mehmet Ercan, the father, was working when his daughter was bitten by the reptile.

He said:

“Allah has protected her, really. Our neighbours have told me that the snake was in the hand of my child, she was playing with it and then it bit her.

“Then she has bitten the snake back as a reaction.”

The toddler was given first-aid treatment from the family neighbor and was taken to the children’s hospital for further medical assistance.

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