Tom Hanks Tells Group to ‘Back the F***’ Off’ After Aggressive Fan Knocks into Rita Wilson


Tom Hanks tells a group of his fans to ‘back the f***’off after an aggressive fan knocks into his wife Rita Wilson.

Hanks ran to defend his wife when an overly eager fan allegedly knocked into her causing her to trip.

The footage, which was shared by TMZ, shows the 65-year-old and his wife of 34 years walking towards their car in New York City, surrounded by a group of fans.

Wilson appears to trip slightly, seemingly from a fan who bumped into her from behind.

The actress stumbles slightly, regains her footing, turns around and says “stop it,” holding her hands up.

Hanks then turns around, puts his hand up to the crowd and shouts

“Back the f*** off!”

“Knocking over my wife?”

Watch below:

The couple recently celebrated 34 years of marriage together, with Wilson posting a photo from their wedding day on her Instagram to mark the special occasion.

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