Tourist Faces Backlash for Dancing on Mayan Pyramid in Mexico


A tourist faced backlash after dancing on the ancient Mayan pyramid in Mexico.

An angry group poured water on the female tourist, shouted insults at her and even asked that she be locked up for her behaviour.

The unnamed woman, who is allegedly a Spanish national, caused outrage on Monday when she ignored the rules and signs for visiting tourists and climbed to the top of the Mayan pyramid.

When she reached the top, she started moving her hips and arms in a celebratory dance which was met with shouting from people on the ground.

Some people called her an “a**hole* while other yelled “idiot” in Spanish.

Watch the TikTok below:


this is so disrespectful… don’t mess with my Mexican people 🇲🇽 #chichenitza #disrespectful #mayanpyramid #vacation #crazy #viral

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Once the unnamed woman is escorted to the bottom of the pyramid and chants of “jail, jail, jail” can be heard from onlookers.

The woman was arrested by local authorities and given a fine, according to the NY Post.

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